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For the Young At Heart!

A reformation of human resolve.

Returning to Los Angeles after a long absence, Chas Pharlain aging, tough talking detective takes a slam dunk case to find what he believes to be a wealthy sex symbol's lap dog, and finds himself chin deep in mortgage murder.

Poochy is missing. His son is toddling on the brink of destruction. His ex-Marine pal and best buddy is double dealing doggies everywhere. His blonde bombshell client is seducing men faster than mommies can make them. Mortgage manipulations and banker shenanigans are popping up like weeds. Bodies are dropping in all the unusual places. LAPD detectives, hard-nosed Rapp and jokester Dugan, are chasing him to ground. Close to putting an arm on the murderer, he finds bullets coming closer and closer. Being in the wrong places at the wrong times, Pharlain wants to flee La-la land before he ends up in the slammer or worse yet on a gurney in the morgue. Unable to turn tail and slink back home, his toughness bails him out. Peggy Priceless, a thrill seeking ageless babe shoulders the action with Pharlain. The story twists and turns.

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