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In West Virginia at the Farmington Number 9 Mine, a methane explosion blows the top off of a mountain, killing 78 miners.

Subsequently, Congress creates the Miners Enforcement Safety Agency (MESA) to establish a standard of safety in the country’s mines, later to be known as MSHA.

Immediately, a nationwide call goes out for veteran miners to police the mines.

In the fiercely-independent Appalachian coalfields in the poorest locale in America--the same coal fields that drove out the United Mine Workers Union--recruiting inspectors is next to impossible, finding ones who will stand up to the mines’ lawbreakers is impossible. The impossible appears when AB Stahill, a refugee seeking vindication for cowardice and determined to find retribution for his father’s death and the maiming of his closest friend, returns home.  MESA becomes a vehicle to redemption for him, one that will roll over a haunting past.  


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