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“What is Mohammad’s monkey up to, scratching about that goyim high, holy site?”

“In this moonlight, the rock does look like a skull.”

“It is just another Roman crucifixion hill, soon to be this Arab’s place of death.”

“Let’s kill him and get away from here.  This place gives me the creeps.”

“Relax.  We are armed to the teeth.”  The larger man points his automatic weapon, an American M-16, at the shadowy figure, obviously a Palestinian by the checked Kaffiyyah that adorns his head.

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In a land where retaliation is as assured as the rising sun, an ancient nail is discovered in a Roman crucifixion hill.

A Palestinian gives up his life during the discovery.

In retaliation to his death, terrorists blow up a Passover observance in Jerusalem, killing numerous Israelis.

Could the crucifixion nail be the one that pierced the flesh of Jesus Christ?  Dating tests indicate it could very well be the one.  Israelis dangle the possibility before American Christians.