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Allow me to introduce myself: I am a highly trained commentator and a long legged, gossamer winged Damselfly named Daphne.  Fly with me, and I will deliver you to acclaim where trees drip honey.  But first a glance at my background: as a six grader in Mademoiselle Calotte’s Odonata School I placed second in the Beetle World Debate Competition.  I am a summa cum laude graduate of the Insect School of Communication.  And just in case one might think I cannot deliver before a camera, I placed first in the Ms. Bug Pageant. Now my star character will introduce you to an adventure that will resonate throughout time.  

Hello!  My name is Steven Sockeye.  Pound for pound, Sockeye Salmon are the best.  I say this to you because every fish in my Redd insists my story be shown.  Actually it’s not just my story, it is the story of all of us who made it to the ocean and back without losing one Sockeye.

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